Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who's it for?

Promarker and Ink

My friend was being helpful. She flipped through my sketchbook (something I rarely let people do) and looked up at me and said, "Who's it for?"

I often ask myself who I make the art for, who's my audience? It's another way of asking 'why do you make art?' Implied in all of the versions of these questions is -- 'why create it if you aren't trying to sell it?'

The truth is I'm not one of those artists who will say I only make things because I am inspired and feel compelled to create. It's true, I do often create just because, but I can't deny that part of my making is social. I want other people to see what I've made, to own it for themselves, to enjoy what I've created. Sometimes I need to be compensated for it (art is expensive) other times I need to just give it away. 

When I am in an inspiration slump I ask myself 'who's it for?' Most times that get me going.