Saturday, January 25, 2014

Like MahMah, YahYah...

watercolors fun at every age. 
I usually paint in the wee hours of the morning. When the kiddo is tucked in bed, dreaming of cookies, pirates, and unicorns (actual description of a recent dream!), I am in my little guest bedroom turned home studio painting.

But weekend mornings, the YahYah wakes up and wants to know if it's a school day and if it isn't, she wants to paint. So, we sit at the dining room table and paint. It is the best of times.

I paint because I love the feeling I get from making things and painting these days quiets my hyperactive mind. I would paint whether or not anyone else ever saw anything I made. My kiddo, on the other hand, exclaims every few minutes as we paint - "MahMah! I am a great artist! I make great paintings!"

Yes, YahYah, you do.


  1. Sweet! Sydney enjoys painting as well; maybe I'll start joining her.