Sunday, February 9, 2014

Patiently Waiting...

Ladies in Waiting

It's snowing and the low outside temperature and the hot inside temperature of my little studio is wrecking my schedule. My warm studio means that the paint is drying both too fast and too slow depending on which paint I'm using. I varnish in the garage with the door open because the sealer has strong smell. It's too cold to even attempt to varnish. Humbug.

These three portraits are in various stages.

Left - "The Overlooker" still needs lots of work. But alas, the paint is going on inconsistently right now.

Middle - "The Waiter" has most of her outlines and just needs some shading and details.

Right - "A. Beyond" is done. She needs to be sealed...but alas.

Each of these paintings will be available for sale as one of a kind originals. They are painted on 16x20 canvas sheet and look good framed with or without a mat. I'm sort of excited to send them off to new homes. I have As soon as I can figure out how to finish them given my weather constraints -- I'm opening up shop!

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