Monday, March 17, 2014

Left handed and Inspired or Why I'm hoping for the best on Wednesday!

left handed ink sketch
I've been wearing a splint on my right thumb and wrist for just about 2 and a half weeks. It's been hard.

Is it just me or does inspiration always seem to strike when you can't act on it?

Since I put the splint on all I've wanted to do every day and night is draw and paint. It's not happening with my right hand. I'm already pushing it -- I take the splint off when I eat. I just can't manage feeding myself with it on. Plus, I'll be honest, the thought of getting food on the thing makes me hurlish (yes, hurlish). I have visions of mushy, unidentifiable food stuck to the Velcro. Hurlish.

One night I nearly cried -- this is saying a lot -- I'm not a crier because all I wanted to do was go into my little studio and paint. I dragged myself out of bed and instead of tempting fate and re-injuring my hand -- I tried painting with my left hand.

Left handed woman #1

I actually liked the way the painting turned out. She has no fine details but I like the gesture of the face. So, you're thinking it's all good, right? She'll just paint with her left hand and keep it moving.

Well, actually not quite.

My left side is considerably weaker than my dominant right side and my shoulder just couldn't take it. Not only did the left handed painting take longer. I spent the next two days wondering if I had pulled a muscle in my shoulder.

Soooo.. what am I to do?
Well, I have hope. I hope ---that even though I've cheated a million times and taken the splint off instead of wearing it 24 hours a day  --- when I go to see the doctor on Wednesday, he'll give me a thumbs up and say that my hand is all better.

It's wishful thinking... But hey...

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