Saturday, March 1, 2014

Left Handed Painting

Left Handed Painting
So, my right wrist and thumb are in a splint. I've got to rest my poor tendons. Everything is harder to do with my left, nondominant hand. Well, today, I had to paint - just had to. I tried painting with my left hand and was surprised at how much I liked the resulting portrait. It took a long while and I had to fight shoulder fatigue. Funny how I didn't realize how much stronger I was on my right side.

I'll try it again tomorrow. It was a fun experiment and I love the resulting picture.

The print from the giveaway is on it's way --- all the way to Poland!  So cool to think that my art will have a home across the world.

Stay tuned, I'll be giving away a special print (not yet in the shop) in March for Women's History Month.

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